Nuru hand job


Name: Miyu


Nurulotion hand job… hand job is dirty enough. And they say “nurulotion” that we do not use in our daily life. It sounds nastier. Don’t you think so?

Blowjob feels good for sure. BJ is usually included in the service in health or pink salon. It is good. Some men say BJ by good girls feels better than intercourse sex.

Hand job. It feels good. But I think many men think hand job is nothing compared blowjob.


I will tell you loudly…


Nurulotion hand job. Nothing can be as good as it.

Let’s make it simple. They use mouth and tongue for blowjob, but hands do hand job!

Five fingers or ten fingers do it! Strength control, the speed of movements, and varieties are much more than BJ!

Besides, that nurunuru gel is used…

I believe nurulotion hand job is the super ultimate service.



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